CALL CENTER Active customers phone activity in outsourcing

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Active customers phone activity in outsourcing

Thanks and through our 3 call centers in Italy, we offer a complete range of phone management services for your active customers: from the acquisition process, to the alignment of payments, to the management of the first payment-related issues. We offer some complete and modular solutions, built on the basis of a careful analysis of the customers’ needs.

All the activities are carried out by specialized, trained and qualified staff and all the job will be integrated with the customers system in order for them to focus on their core business freeing up resources from activities with low added value and minimizing fixed costs. The workflow is constantly monitored by providing detailed reports of the processing.

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SDD Alignment

The activity takes place following the reporting of unpaid SDD for different reasons: funds insufficiency or due to a dispute with the debtor. This activity will verify and stress the main problem and realign the correct flow.

Check preventive SDD

The activity takes place in the activation phase of contract or in the proximity of the start of the supply with the main goal of verifying the precision of the data supplied by the customer through the SDD debit form.

Managing pre-expired invoices

The activity takes place near the invoices due date and it is addressed specifically to customers who do not pay with the SDD. Verify receipt and resend, Upgrade personal data, forecast cash flows.

Call Center

Constitution of dedicated team able to handle first problems linked to collections such as SDD alignments, pairing, receipts, arrangement transfers, soft phone collection.

Our employers are selected and trained for each specific requested service and work close with your customers, as a true internal office. Outsourcing these activities will result in saving time, money and energy, to activities with higher added value. Customers satisfaction is the basis of our work and our goal is to help them improving it.

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