Areas of expertise

More than three decades of experience at the service of every specific need

Advancing Trade has multi-sector expertise, works with small, medium and large enterprises, financial and insurance companies, Telcos and Utilities. For each sector we have developed specific processes and services, which enable us to optimise credit cycle management with tailored solutions for each individual customer.


Small and medium enterprises are a point of strength for Advancing Trade. Every customer is followed recommending the most appropriate credit management process and customising the service based on its specific needs.

We work with companies in all sectors: Food, Fashion, Medical-pharmaceutical, Mechanical, Publishing, etc.

Industrial & Retail

We work with major industrial groups, service companies and distribution companies, supporting them in Risk Management and managing the various phases of the credit cycle in outsourcing in order to optimise cash flow.


We work with approx. 60 companies in the water, electricity and gas distribution sector. Each is followed by a dedicated team and represents a specific project for us, in order to achieve a high level of performance. We manage amounts of any size – small, medium and large tickets.


Telecommunications companies rely on Advancing Trade for the systematic management of receivables arising from user subscriptions.

Insurance Companies

We manage receivables arising from premiums, deductibles and security deposits for many insurance companies of primary importance for the Italian market. The dedicated debt collection structure and an optimised process ensure high performance already in the initial telephone phase.

Banks, Financial Institutions and Leasing Companies

We manage receivables arising from loans, current account overdrafts, credit cards, specific-purpose loans and leasing instalments for the main Italian institutes. Thanks to our experience, we are able to provide auditing and consulting services allowing our customers to optimise their internal credit management process.

Professional Law and Accounting Firms

Advancing Trade cooperates with various professional firms throughout Italy: receivers and judges of various courts for the management of receivables related to bankruptcies and agreements among creditors, lawyers and accountants for credit management. We offer specific out-of-court collection, circularisation and accounting reconciliation, equity information and receivables allocation services.

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