Document management

From physical storage to document dematerialisation

Archivi Nord, a WCM Group company, is among the Italian companies able to offer customised document management services, from designing storage services to postage.

Outsourced storage management allows companies to minimise costs while maximising efficiency by:

  • eliminating the need for adequate space, compliant with current legislation in terms of fire loads, security and data confidentiality
  • eliminating the need for dedicated staff
  • objectively quantifying the costs related to managing a corporate archive.

Every customer is for us a specific project, followed step by step by one of our consultants.

Archivi Nord is able to offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • Document management and reorganisation of corporate archives
  • Back office activities
  • Electronic document management (EDM) with optical acquisition of documents, ensuring the possibility of consulting the archive in an extremely rapid and easy manner
  • Physical document management (PDM) including reordering, cataloguing, taking charge of physical archives, archive custody and management, computerised management and disposal based on predefined rules and procedures
  • Legally compliant storage (LCS), this digitisation procedure for document storage allows paper documents subject to retention requirements to be converted into electronic format and tax records, which are already in electronic format, to be converted into a viewable image format.



Direct presence in 10 European countries and international coordination of collection activities worldwide


Thanks to its consolidated experience in credit management, our performance maximises collection


Consulting and service customisation according to the characteristics of each Customer and its industry

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