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Due Diligence

Evaluation of the wallets and information enrichment

The Due Diligence activity offered by Advancing Trade includes a first phase of very important information enrichment on personal data, based on multiple sources, whether it is a portfolio of individuals or legal entities.

The company employs a staff of legal, technical and commercial professionals, functional to capillary management of managed portfolios, and has a consolidated network of consultants and correspondents, offering services throughout the national territory.

In the second phase, the portfolio is evaluated and clustered by a team of highly experienced analysts, also in view of the fact that a company in the group (At Npl’s) is supervised by the Bank of Italy and operates in the NPL sector as a service and/or as a direct purchaser of portfolios.

Once the portfolio has been analyzed, the objective of the segmentation activity is to identify, on the basis of predefined rules, the best management strategies for the various asset classes.

At the end of the Due Diligence phase, the Analyst draws up a prospectus containing the elements that emerged during the evaluation phase with objective elements that allow to assign a score to each individual position and, consequently, a score to the overall portfolio, identifying the nature (mortgage, unsecured) and the enforceable title (judicial, extra-judicial) to which each individual debt exposure originates.

There are many purposes: to identify the convenience of proceeding with a further phase of extra-judicial recovery, to initiate compulsory credit recovery actions, to quote the portfolio on the market.

AT is also able to carry out this activity on portfolios on PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION debtors.

Due Diligence can be integrated with document analysis activities on the files (paper and/or digital) in order to verify the actual presence of documentation proving the credit.

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