Back office Outsourcing Staff for activities' verification and data update

Back office

Outsourcing Staff for activities’ verification and data update

Through our structures, we are able to offer our clients, trained and specialized employees qualified in back office activities, releasing internal resources from low value activities and reducing client’s fixed costs.

Operators will work directly on the client platforms, maximizing the speed and the update.

After a deepen analysis of both the client’s needs and target, each and every activity is shared and structured in a flexible and modular way. We sustain societies in all their administrative requests, as well as technical, contractual and commercial ones, in document management and in the post-phone customer operations management.

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Our services

Loading and verification of contracts

To reduce undelivered mail and complaints arising from data entry errors. We verify personal data and contract, updating the customer systems.

Managing updates

Operating directly on the client system and correcting the data relating to the personal information and to contracts.

Check undelivered mail and forms

Investigate returns of correspondence by normalizing the personal data and collect any forms received.

“Complaints are as the fireworks, they have to be extinct immediately. “The back office activities allow you to take preventive action by minimizing the risk of errors in the registry or in contractual data that can lead to bring back complaints and disputes from customers”.

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