With Advancing Trade you enjoy advantageous conditions

Over the years we have concluded numerous agreements with associations of various industries, which enable all members to use our services at advantageous conditions.

Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili

Milano – Treviso – Bologna

For all members of the Order of Chartered Accountants (ODCEC) of Milan, Treviso and Bologna, special conditions for business information, out-of-court debt collection for bankruptcy proceedings and document archiving services are available.

View the details of the Odcec Milano and Odcec Treviso agreements.

Since 2007 we have also been collaborating with the National Association of Italian Veterinary Surgeons. Special conditions apply for all members for out-of-court debt collection services.

View the details of the ANMVI agreements.

Since 2009 we have an agreement with the association promoted in 1974 by the Chamber of Commerce and by the Union of Industrialists of Pavia to promote and facilitate internationalisation. All members are entitled to reduced rates for business information and debt collection services.

View the details of the Pavia Export agreement.

For all members of UCINA Confindustria Nautica, an association, member of Confindustria (the Italian Industrial Federation) representing pleasure boating industries and companies, special conditions for commercial information services, reports with DAS legal protection and out-of-court credit collection in Italy and abroad are envisaged.

View the details of the UCINA agreement.

For all member companies of Assogiocattoli, special rates are available for credit management services: business information, recent overdue management, out-of-court and legal debt collection.

View the details of the Assogiocattoli agreement.

The agreement with the Association of Industrialists of the Province of Genoa guarantees to all member companies to access Advancing Trade services on favorable terms: discounts on commercial information services, legal protection DAS reports and out-of-court credit recovery in Italy and Europe.

View the details of the CONFINDUSTRIA GENOVA agreement.

Cooperativa promozione servizi Brescia

Since 2015 Advancing Trade SpA has an agreement for all receivers, members and customers of the Brescia Services Promotion cooperative, which envisages access to special rates for business information, screening and circularisation, out-of-court credit management and document storage services.

View the details of the Cooperativa Promozione Servizi Brescia agreement.


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