NPL’s acquisition and management

The Advancing Trade solution for asset sale without recourse and for NPL’s portfolio acquisition and servicing.

AT Npl’s is the WCM Group company dedicated to NPL’s acquisition and servicing (banking and finance) and credit sale without recourse. It provides consulting and audit services aimed at analysing the portfolios of interest and developing a business plan necessary for calculating the return on investment.

At Npl’s is registered in the CBA as a financial intermediary pursuant to Article 106.

As a leader in the provision of receivable purchasing and servicing services of the highest quality, AT Npl’s has been assessed by Standard & Poor’s as a “special servicer of asset-backed securities (ABS) receivables in Italy”.

Purchase and servicing of banking and financial receivables

The experience acquired in this field allows AT Npl’s to propose itself as a consultant in management of the portfolio in terms of risk assessment, pricing and business plan definition. Our dedicated team of qualified professionals, possessing specific skills on secured and unsecured portfolios, performs due diligence for a correct analysis of the product.

Thanks to the consolidated experience acquired in the financial and banking sector and cooperation with leading investment funds, AT Npl’s managed 1.4 billion euros in 2015.

Sale of commercial receivables

For all our customers we provide the sale of receivables without recourse and purchase of non-performing or doubtful receivables service. Relying on our experts on receivables purchasing you can:

  • fiscally deduct the amount of that sold
  • have clean and transparent financial statements according to precise legal provisions
  • save the  costs of managing doubtful or non-performing receivables
  • bringing forward, from a fiscal point of view, the moment of certainty of the loss means you do not have to wait for the closure of the bankruptcy proceedings.



Direct presence in 10 European countries and international coordination of collection activities worldwide


Thanks to its consolidated experience in credit management, our performance maximises collection


Consulting and service customisation according to the characteristics of each Customer and its industry

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