Debt Collection UK ADV Trade offers customised solutions for collecting your credit in UK

Debt Collection UK

ADV Trade offers customised solutions for collecting your credit in UK

Thanks to over 30 years’ experience in the international management and debt collection, Advancing Trade offers commercial businesses, companies and corporations a wide range of customised solutions for the debt collection from insolvent entities resident in UK, even in the case of substantial amounts elusive debtors.

Through its team of native speaking staff and industry specialists, Advancing Trade immediately develops an out-of-court strategy for the collection of credit in UK tailored to individual cases.


The ADV Trade offer for debt collection in Belgium

  • Preliminary strategies
    From the very outset, Advancing Trade will liaise with its partners in loco in order to develop a debt collection plan in UK, starting from the specific nature of each case.
  • Tried and tested reminders
    Subsequently, our native speaking operators will send the formal notice to comply by registered letter to the debtor, inviting the same, through phone reminders, to settle the debt in the shortest time possible.
  • Transfer of the case in loco
    Should the written and telephone reminders not produce swift results, Advancing Trade will transfer the case to its partners in loco who will expedite the debt collection process in UK.

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Why choose Advancing Trade

Global presence

Direct presence in 10 European countries and international coordination of collection activities worldwide

Maximum results

Thanks to its consolidated experience in credit management, our performance maximises collection

Customised strategy

Consulting and service customisation according to the characteristics of each Customer and its industry

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